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Virtual Daydreams Plug-in

VIRTUAL DAYDREAMS VSTIBass, bells, keys, guitars, synths, pads, flutes, strings & plucksThis plugin was designed to spark ample ideas & ignite your creative side> FREE VSTI> FREE SAMPLES> FREE FX...
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Virtual Vintage Plug-in

VIRTUAL VINTAGE VSTIBass, bells, keys, guitars, leads, pads, flute & plucksEach sound processed through various effects pedals, etc to achieve Amazing sounds> FREE VSTI> FREE DRUM KIT> FREE SAMPLESInspiring interface...
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virtual power-Arsineymusic

YOUR NEW GO-TO PLUGINVIRTUAL POWER Virtual Power Virtual Instrument -Featuring sounds created using highly sought after, well praised analog gear & virtual software. -Live sounds from recording sessions.   EXTRA…

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