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[EXP] Lo-Aesthetic – Virtual Power

Lo-Aesthetic Retro, summertime, lo-fi and chill vibes all packaged into this beautifully designed virtual power expansion pack. Each sound was processed through different pedals and effects and were carefully designed…

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GET THE VIRTUAL POWER PLUGINPLUS ALL EXPANSIONS INCLUDES 10 EXPANSIONS CURRENT LIST OF INCLUDED EXPANSIONS ♦ Musician's Dream - https://virtualwavs.com/downloads/a-musicians-dream/ ♦ Skyline - https://virtualwavs.com/downloads/skyline-virtual-power-exp/ ♦ Prime Selection - https://virtualwavs.com/downloads/exp-prime-selection-virtual-power/ ♦ Multiverse...
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Virtual power – Sumn3x

YOUR NEW GO-TO PLUGINVIRTUAL POWER Virtual Power Virtual Instrument -Featuring sounds created using highly sought after, well praised analog gear & virtual software. -Live sounds from recording sessions.   EXTRA…

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Virtual Power Plug-in

YOUR NEW GO-TO PLUGIN VIRTUAL POWER VIRTUAL POWER BUY NOW ↓ DIVE INTO 500+ SOUNDS! Unlock your musical creativity! With 550+ meticulously crafted live and synthesized samples, this plugin combines…

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